We are proud and happy of what we do at lovguru.ch. We are open hearted and love to share with others our joy.

With our customers in mind, we have created the lovguru.ch rewards program. Inspired by our guru that always reminds us of the need to constantly share love.

Our rewards program is very simple in nature and built to reward those shopping with us, not to mention, making shopping more fun.

How does it work ?

Every product on our site has a certain number of points allocated to it. The number of points is frequently reviewed and can change over time. With every purchase you will accumulate points that can be exchanged for vouchers or for gifts, displayed on our website.

Points can start to be exchanged for gifts as of 700 points and for purchasing vouchers as of 1000 points. You have the choice.

Do always check out your rewards account as the gifts offered will change regularly. And points, once over 1000 points, can easily be converted into vouchers for your next purchase.

Our interface is simple and easy to use. Check it out, have fun and share love!



The rewards program is an initiative of loveguru.ch and as such it reserves its rights to change program at any time. In the event of cancellation of this program, Loveguru.ch assures you a 6 months notice in order to accumulate additional points and/or exchange your points for vouchers or gifts.