The advice of to properly maintain your sextoy

The general rules for the Correct Maintenance of your sextoys

Some basic rules must be respected :

Read the instructions

First of all, read the instructions carefully because each sex toy has its specific characteristics. Example: take good note of the difference between a "waterproof" sex toy and a sex toy which simply states "splashproof". Waterproof means it’s possible to immerse totally in water. Splashproof means that you cannot submerge it in water; it is only resistant to splashes.

Clean your sextoy

For impeccable hygiene it is important to clean your sextoy regularly.  Specifically before and after each use, in warm soapy water or with a product specially designed for this purpose and for your specific type of sextoy.  You must have a good hygiene habit for the elimination of all bacteria and thus you will prevent the risk of infection. There are many different Sextoy Cleaners at different prices and with different characteristics. They exist in the form of wipes, spray bottles and creams.

For personal use only

Do Not Lend your Sextoys to others: To avoid any transmission of bacteria or sexually transmitted diseases, you are strongly advised not to lend your sextoys. For the same reason, after anal use, do not use your sextoy for vaginal penetration; moreover it can cause mycoses, urinary infections and cystitis.  Take care to wash well between the two penetrations or use another sextoy. Our advice, have more than one hygienically clean sextoy available and very close to hand.

Stained sextoys

Do not use boiling water to clean your sextoy in case of persistent stains because you could damage it. advice is that you replace permanently stained sextoys. Why take any risk regarding hygiene and a new one certainly looks better.

Removable batteries

Remove the batteries from your sextoy once finished using. This is to avoid any battery leakage of acid which will cause damage.

For a better use recommends the use of water-based lubricants for greater respect of your sex toys and comfort and more intense pleasure.

Sensible Rules to follow while using a sextoy

For a correct maintenance of your sextoy and for your hygiene, it is important to take into account certain rules concerning their usage :

Cleaning tips

As mentioned before, it is necessary to thoroughly clean your sex toy before and after each use. How? Using a Sextoy Cleaner, apply the cleaner cleansing formula thoroughly all over the sextoy, rub it till the whole surface is clean and cleansed and then wipe with a clean cloth.


If you have heart problems, make sure you are not alone when using your vibrator, as vibration can speed up your heart rate. Please take good note.

Non waterproof motors

Do not completely immerse your sex toy in the water to avoid the risk of corrosion of the motorised parts. This advice does not apply to silicone sex toys that are not equipped with motors.

Pleasure duration

Do not keep your sextoy too long inside you (geisha balls, for example). This could eventually disrupt vaginal secretions and promote certain irritations or infections. It is definitely not a good idea to sleep with a sextoy inside you.

Further maintenance tips

Depending on the material of your sextoy, some further tips are good to know :

Silicone sextoys

This material, very often used, is resistant but can be damaged by sharp objects and would quickly become unusable. It is therefore necessary to keep it safe from sharp objects.

Avoid the use of silicone-based lubricants. On silicone, silicone contact your sextoy will degrade. We recommend the use of water-based lubricants.

Glass sextoys 

It is necessary to pay close attention to glass sex toys that can crack more easily (borosilicate glass also). The slightest break can cause injury. Take the necessary precautions and store them in a protected place. Check their integrity before use.

Metal sextoys

Metal sex toys are very strong and very hard, so maintenance and preservation is easier. Still you must clean before and after usage and dry thoroughly after you have cleaned it hygienically.

Sextoys in jelly

The porous appearance of these sex toys makes them more difficult to look after correctly. They require more frequent maintenance. After cleaning, dry it without rubbing it with a clean cloth.

Plastic sextoys

This hypoallergenic material is easy to maintain and compatible with all types of lubricants. However, avoid washing with boiling water that could alter the plastic and require you to discard and replace your sextoy.

If you maintain your sextoys correctly and hygienically they will last longer and more importantly you will be safe while having your desired fun.

Do the cleaning drills before and after usage and enjoy the skills your toys bring into your life.