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Kegel exercises and Prostate massage

Published : 14/10/2018 16:10:21
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Kegel exercises and Prostate massage

Anal sex is a pleasure enjoyed by both Women and Men, just look at the number of specialist products on the market, lots love anal sex even if perhaps they don’t admit to it.

It is still somewhat of a social taboo. At Lovguru we want our clients to be self-assured and confident about their lives and sexuality, curious to explore and experience new sensations.

How can we increase the pleasure effects of sex ?

The answer is simple, add intensity, add duration and add frequency to our lovemaking or sexual play time.



This is where stimulation of all the erogenous zones and the involvement of as many of our five senses as possible comes in to play, it is also were we at Lovguru can offer our counsel through our vast product offerings and experience covering all erogenous zones and senses.

One only has to look at the vast array of Male Sextoys to realise that there are immense pleasures that are being obtained from Anal Sex and massage of the prostate. Great sex makes you feel good, its relaxing, highly stimulating and increases one’s self-confidence. Why? Because of the release of oxytocin into your body. We all recognise when a friend is at work first thing in the morning or perhaps just after lunch and they have that “Just Fucked Look” on their face, well actually it’s their whole behaviour that gives it away. They feel great, they look great, they are confident, entertaining and extremely likeable and communicative.


So what benefits does one get from Prostate stimulation and why ?

Often called the Male G-Spot it is located between the bladder and the rectum and its main function is the production of fluid to be ejaculated with the semen. Massage of the prostate can lead to a prostate orgasm, but irrespective of orgasm, massage feels really good due to the thousands of nerve endings located there.


Some benefits of Prostate Massage

There are numerous potential benefits from prostate massage, it can help improve erectile dysfunction as the massage increases blood flow to the region, it also may help improve a slow urine flow as it can decrease any prostate inflammation.

Another advantage is that it can help those who suffer from painful ejaculation which can be caused from tightness in the pelvic floor muscles.The more relaxed your pelvic floor muscles are the better and more controlled is your sexual release.

No wonder why Prostate massager sales are increasing so much and this is especially so for heterosexual straight guys. Intense vibration of the prostate gives a new dimension to sex, making it more pleasurable and that pleasure can go on and on for as long as you want.

Here at Lovguru we have one such product that is Unisex and gives stimulation for an indeterminate period of time

Introducing B Balls from Fun Factory

B Balls is a Unisex product providing anal prostate stimulation for men and vaginal stimulation for women. It has a T shaped base for safe insertion and extraction and can be worn discretely under your clothes. It is a variant of the Geisha Balls design but in the shape of a plug. It has two balls each with a weight within that reacts to your movements and thus causes pleasant sensations and stimulation.

It is used as a vaginal plug for women or an anal plug for men. Its plug form is ideal for smooth anal insertion and brings Geisha Ball sensations and technology to men. B Balls uses high grade silicone on the outside and ABS for the interior parts. Most importantly for men it can give you a wonderful prostate massage that you can enjoy for hours.


Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic muscles below the bladder, these are the muscles which help control urination and so can help prevent incontinence if you exercise them. Kegels can help you with improved erections and a greater intensity of orgasm.


How to find the Muscles to exercise

When you urinate try to stop the flow of urine without holding your breath nor tensing the muscles in your buttocks or abdomen or legs. Once you can stop the flow like this you will have located the muscles to exercise.

Or when you want to pass gas and you tense the muscles to hold it back, these are the muscles to exercise.


Your Routine

  1. Contract these muscles for a count of 5
  2. Release these muscles to a count of 5
  3. Repeat 10 times
  4. Do these 3 times a day.

As a result you will have a better control for urination and ejaculation and will be benefiting also the muscles you use every time you have an erection.

Anal stimulation improves sexual play time for both sexes. Prostate massage may help alleviate many potential issues for men but it is also extremely pleasurable due to the Male G Spot and the thousands of nerve endings located there. Kegel exercises for men are an important exercise that men can only benefit from, increasing the strength of your erection, controlling urination and thus countering incontinence and increasing the pleasure and control of orgasm.

We at Lovguru recommend B Balls from Fun Factory for prostate massage for men and for vaginal massage for women. We highly recommend that all men exercise their Pelvic Floor Muscles by doing Kegel reps each and every day.


- Your Lovguru


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