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All you Need to Know About Sex Toys for the Anal

Published : 12/02/2020 10:20:41
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All you Need to Know About Sex Toys for the Anal

Having fun with anal sex toys for the first time can seem to be tricky and scary. This is because there are several things that you need to keep in mind - physically as well as mentally. Many customers have a negative beginner experience because they start immediately without gathering much information about the gadget, its use, and expected pleasure.  

Sex experts offer some essential things to consider prior, during, and after using anal toys for the first time. The advice provided in this blog will ensure that your experience is fun, safe, and most importantly, pleasurable.

       1.    Gather the Right Information

The idea of ​​using anal toys can be intimidating. This is because there are several taboos and tall tales around it. There's also a lot of misinformation causing confusion and fear. This makes it vital for you to obtain the right amount of knowledge.

Education will enhance your experience, enable you to know what to expect so that you know the level of fun you will be able to have with the use of the toy. Spend some time reading about any topic you need help with and are feeling anxious or nervous about. Keep in mind that there's no race, you need to know the right speed that works for you.

2.    Experiment with it Alone

The best way to know what your body likes and what your choices are is masturbation. It makes you empowered and well-informed when getting intimate with your partner. Anal play is also no different. So start with solo anal play to understand the toy and get comfortable with it to make the most of anal pleasure.

Trying sex with sexy toys  is incredible and fun. But when you start alone, you know that you have a safe pace for experimentation. The number of sex toys available in the market today is vast and as you are experimenting alone, you can try different kinds of products, explore various modes, start and stop as per your choice without having to alter your preferences or movements as per your partner .

3.    Maintain the Hygiene

When you are ready to insert something into your anus, you must know your body well, particularly your digestive system. Most users like to clean before enjoying anal play. Baby wipes are good for quick cleaning. Another way to efficiently clean is by going to the bathroom an hour before you start with anal play. Clean your bowels and wipe the area around the anus using regular soap and warm water.

4.    Avoid Double Dip

The idea of double-dipping is another aspect that you must avoid from the hygiene point of view. In simple words, you mustn’t touch the vagina and the anus with the same sex toys or hand. The vagina and anus are two separate ecosystems and at no cost should you be willing to spread bacteria from the vagina to the anus.

A lubricant is a must for anal play. The anus cannot lubricate on its own like the vagina, so remember to help it out a bit.

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